You can’t but HAPPINESS – BUT – you can buy a hike with GO-HIKE and that’s pretty much the same thing!

For groups :

“Go Hike” prices are based on the recomendations of the Swiss mountain leader
association ((ASAM), those are:

  • Fr. 500.– full day (for a group of max. 15 peoples)
  • Fr. 380.– half day

The currency is Swiss Francs. Payment in Euro is possible, other currency on request.

Trekking / individual hikes :

The prices for individuals hikes can be found directly on our program in the section Hikes. The price is for one person and includes guiding for as long as the hike last. For some tours, the price may include accomodation, food or other services. Should it be the case, it will be written on the programm.
For furter details, you can also read our general conditions.

What about Earth ?

You will help me to help our planet by booking one hike! Each year, we make a donation to an association, or a NGO that is taking action on preservation of
wildlife or climate. Fell free to have a look to our latest donation


Our promise :

With a smile


Great experience