About me

Nature is full of beauty, infinite and yet so fragile. Ever since my childhood, I always had
pleasure going in nature. Mountains give us the chance to create a deep and intimate link with
nature and thus, a profound feeling of fullness.

Being a mountain leader means to me:

  • Sharing with you the love for nature,
  • Appreciate its benefits and wonderful landscapes
  • Discover, understand and respect together the nature.

To develop my skills, make sure I will be able to ensure safety of my guests in any
circumstances, provide an excellent service and vibrant enlightenment, I choose to follow the
mountain leader training delivered at the school of Saint-Jean d’Anniviers in Swiss.

About my guests

If you are willing to know what my guest think about me, have a look to our guestbook.


Fluent in English, it would be my pleasure to welcome English-speaking customers!
Wherever in the world you are from, if you speak a little English, get dressed,  we’re going on
an adventure…